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Product ID MUC2005

Adjustable Upper Control Arm

2005 - 2010 Ford Mustang, Shelby GT500 (1 Control Arm)

The Metco Motorsports upper control arm is comprised of a precision-machined aluminum block housing a threaded steel pinion, a heavy-duty zinc-plated adjuster, and a precision-welded and plated clevis.  The combination of these premium components results in a control arm that can be installed as a direct replacement for the factory control arm, but offers the benefits of in-car adjustability, the firm response of the upgraded bushing, and an independently-verified 400% increase in strength.

The Metco control arm for the S197 Mustang incorporates a unique pivoting clevis necessary to avoid binding in the Mustang's 3-link suspension.  A heavy-duty steel pivot mounts precisely in a Delrin insert to allow proper articulation without allowing unwanted movement.

A specific combination of Energy Suspension-brand high-graphite polyurethane and Delrin bushings is included for the front pivot point to provide a ride quality befitting a high performance vehicle without the harshness of rod ends or heim joints. 

The Metco control arm requires no disassembly for adjustment, and the user can even dial in the pinion angle with the vehicle's weight on the suspension.  Prior to shipment, the arm is assembled to match the length of the stock control arm found on the 2005-2010 Mustang.  No adjustment is required by the installer.

Kit includes (1) control arm and detailed installation instructions.  

Note 1:  The use of the Metco Heavy-Duty Upper Control Arm Bracket (MUB2005, also listed in this section) is highly recommended in applications with an aftermarket upper control arm.  From the factory, the fitment between the front control arm bolt and the factory control arm bracket is very poor, and Mustang owners often complain of the resulting 'clunk' sound while driving.  The addition of a high performance control arm with a firmer bushing amplifies the noise, so the use of the precise-fitting Metco bracket is highly recommended to eliminate the problem.

Note 2:  This upper control arm will fit the 2011 & newer Mustang if installed with our upper control arm bracket for the 2011 application, PN MUB2011.  This bracket and control arm are also available in a kit under PN MUC2011, listed elsewhere in this section.


Price: $279.99

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