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Shelby GT500 Pulley Hub

Supercharger Pulley Hub, with Hardware

2007-2012 GT500

This is the pulley hub included with the popular Metco Motorsports 2.60" supercharger pulley.  This precision-machined pulley hub includes the (5) five stainless steel hub-to-pulley ring fasteners with lockwashers.  The pulley hub is nickel-plated for long lasting surface protection.

This pulley hub is compatible with both the 2.60" and stock-diameter 3.00" pulley rings listed in this section.

Note:  One competitor offers a 'Metco style' supercharger pulley hub with a relaxed interference fit to save time during installation.  Please note that the genuine Metco pulley hub is precision-machined for the appropriate fit on the shaft necessary to resist the high loads imparted by the supercharger belt in the GT500 application, and the use of knock-off hubs could result in damage to your vehicle.

Price: $99.99

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