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Product ID MLI

Auxilliary Idler Kit


Auxiliary Idler Kit

1999-2004 Lightning, Supercharged Harley-Davidson F150

Compatible with Eaton, Kenne-Bell, and Whipple Superchargers

Sometimes referred to as a ‘snub idler’, this popular kit is an easy bolt-on that will virtually eliminate belt slippage at the supercharger pulley.  The key is the unique construction and design of our pulley mounting bracket.  The bracket is machined from a 8 x 6 x 2” solid block of certified 6061 billet aluminum, and it is configured so that that it uses two existing and solid mounting points for unmatched stability.  The unique design re-positions an existing idler pulley location so that it is positioned very close to the supercharger pulley.  This improved pulley location changes the belt path to maximize belt wrap and eliminate belt slippage under heavy belt loads.  The bracket is vibratory polished after machining for a smooth finish and long lasting corrosion resistance.

For most applications, the larger 100mm idler pulley is appropriate.  The larger pulley maximizes wrap at the supercharger pulley, and this 100mm pulley is compatible with most popular supercharger pulleys sized 3.25” and smaller.  For larger KB and Whipple supercharger pulleys, the 90mm size would be appropriate to ensure adequate clearance for the belt between the idler and the supercharger pulley.  We offer this kit with both single and double-bearing idlers, and these idlers are identical to those we offer for the other idler location on the Lightning supercharger drive.  

The kit includes the billet bracket, one M8 fastener, and two heavy-duty CNC-machined steel standoffs necessary to properly position the bracket.  This kit is an easy bolt-on, and no modifications are necessary.  As mentioned, this kit is compatible with the original Eaton supercharger, as well as Whipple and Kenne-Bell superchargers.

When installed with the 100mm idler pulley, a belt that is 1.0” longer than the existing belt should be used.  When the bracket is installed with the 90mm idler pulley, a belt that is 0.5” longer than the existing belt is necessary.

This product is an original Metco Motorsports design that has been copied a number of times, but none of the copies match the quality and precision fit of the original.

Note Regarding Pulley Selection:  Our single-bearing idler pulleys are our most popular, and in a properly-set up system, should be considered to be a permanent solution to the problem of failure-prone OEM pulleys.  The double-bearing pulleys use two bearings in the pulley bore, which serves to spread the load from the belt over twice as much surface area.  These pulleys are the most durable pulleys we can manufacture, and are intended for severe applications.  Because double-bearing idlers are also used in 10-rib applications, they are wider (1.75” at the belt surface) than OEM pulleys.  There are absolutely no fitment issues with double-bearing pulleys in the Lightning application, but a standard 8-rib belt will leave about 0.25” of unused pulley surface at the front of the pulley, as shown in images 4 and 5.

All Metco Motorsports products are designed, manufactured, and assembled at our facility in Anderson, SC.


*Beware of unauthorized copies of our products offered by Lightning Force Performance.  Metco Motorsports has no affiliation whatsoever with LFP.



Price: $219.99

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