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Product ID MIP-90

Idler Pulley


Smooth Idler Pulley 90mm

Select Modular Ford Applications, Including 2003-2004 Mustang Cobra, 1999-2004 Lightning, Supercharged Harley Davidson F150

MIP-90, MIP-90D

These billet idler pulleys are sized to match the popular 3.55 idler pulleys commonly used on the blower drive in the 2003-2004 Mustang Cobra and 1999-2004 Lightning applications.  The 8-rib version of this pulley can be installed as a direct replacement for the OEM idler pulleys in these applications.  

Like all Metco idler pulleys, these pulleys are CNC-machined from certified 6061 billet aluminum.  We machine the bearing bore and the belt surface as part of the same machining operation on our CNC lathe to eliminate the possibility of pulley runout or wobble.  An application-specific hardcoat anodizing is applied to the belt surface, bearing bore, and backside of the pulley to maximize strength, resist corrosion, and minimize belt noise.  High-speed, high-load bearings with large steel rollers, heavy grease, and double grease seals are precision-fit into the center bore, and a snap-ring ensures everything stays in place.  

Following machining, plating, and assembly, each pulley is spun on a fixture to ensure that it meets our high standards prior to packaging.  Each pulley ships with the billet bearing cover and high-quality stainless steel fasteners, as shown.  

This 90mm pulley is offered in two configurations.  The 8-rib (1.5 wide) single-bearing version is intended for use on the supercharger drive of the Mustang Cobra, Lightning truck and Harley Davidson F150 applications.  These single-bearing pulleys are our most popular, and in a properly set up system, should be expected to be a permanent solution to the problem of failure-prone OEM idler pulleys.  The 10-rib version of our 90mm idler pulley is a double-bearing pulley, fitted with two of the heavy-duty bearings, which serves to spread the load from the supercharger belt over twice as much surface area.  This design adds a significant amount of load capacity, and is recommended for use in severe applications, such as those running very high belt loads and boost levels, or where the supercharger belt is tighter than recommended.  Note that the 10-rib pulleys are 1.75 wide at the belt surface, and while these pulleys fit perfectly in the Cobra and Lightning applications, these pulleys are wider than the original pulleys.

The 10-rib double-bearing pulley listed here in the exact same pulley assembled with our heavy-duty auxiliary idler kit (PN MSI-90D) for the 2007-2014 GT500 application.  

Please choose the pulley style for your application from the options below.  This price shown is for (1) pulley.  Feel free to call or email if you have any questions. 



All Metco Motorsports products are designed, manufactured, and assembled at our facility in Anderson SC.


Beware of unauthorized copies of our products offered by Lightning Force Performance.  Metco Motorsports has no affiliation with LFP, whatsoever.


Price: $79.99

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