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Product ID ICP9903-1

Crank Pulley Kit - 1 Pulley Ring

Interchangeable Crank Pulley Kit

1999-2004 Lightning, Harley Davidson F150

One of the products that made Metco Motorsports famous!

This comprehensive kit allows the user to easily add boost and horsepower to the factory supercharged Lightning and Harley Davidson trucks.  The kit installs easily with no modifications or special tools required, and provides for quick and simple boost level changes once installed.

The kit includes a crank pulley hub precision-machined from billet aluminum, one pulley ring of your choice, specially machined tools to hold the engine in position during installation and to break the original crank pulley bolt loose, and the necessary Grade 8 or better fasteners.  Pulley ring choices include +2 lbs, +4 lbs, +6 lbs, +8 lbs, and +10 lbs of boost over the stock level.  Stock-size and 1" smaller than stock size pulley rings are also available for use with Kenne-Bell or Whipple superchargers.  We also offer 10.5" and 11.0" pulley rings, but no fitment, boost, or belt data is available, as these are offered for custom applications only.  These custom sizes are available via phone or email.  

Please make your pulley size selection below. 

Pulley rings are available separately and are also listed in this section. 

Note:  If your vehicle is a 1999-2000 model, please let us know in the Additional Info section at Checkout, and we will size the crank pulley hub to optimally fit the slightly different balancer used in those years.

Note 1:  We have confirmed that this kit will fit the 2004-2005 Roush F150 with the supercharged 3V engine, among other years.  It may fit later models using the Lightning-style dual belt system and the harmonic balancer with the (3) threaded holes in the recess of the balancer.  The +2 lb crank pulley ring provides a verified additional 2.2 lbs of boost in the Roush application.

Note 2:  If your Lightning or Harley Davidson truck is equipped with the ATI balancer for this application (ATI PN 918037), a dedicated crank pulley hub is available and is listed elsewhere in this section.  It can be substituted for the standard crank pulley hub included in this kit at no extra charge.

Price: $289.99

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