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 Metco Motorsports
 109 North Park Drive
 Anderson, SC 29625
 (864) 332-5929


About Metco Motorsports Solutions

Text Box: In the mid 1990’s, Ron Kincaid was hired by Metco Inc., an Anderson, SC-based CNC- business to design, develop, and market specialty automotive performance parts.  Drawing upon years of hands-on car building and racing experience, Ron took advantage of the then-new CNC technology and began to make some of his original and innovative ideas for hardcore racing parts a reality.  
Text Box: Text Box: The business began with suspension components.  At the time, many companies offered products that were better than the OEM designs, but none that offered the no-compromise improvement in both strength and function that Ron envisioned.  Ron soon developed the first billet lower control arms, which were CNC-machined from solid aluminum and fitted with high-grade bushings.  A few years later, Ron introduced the first polyurethane-bushed double-adjustable upper control arm, which for the first time ever combined the benefits of in-car adjustability with the streetability of polyurethane bushings.
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The control arm product line developed a widespread reputation for its innovative design and outstanding quality.  The product line was proven again and again on road courses, drag strips, and main streets across the country.  Now in 2012, this product line covers nearly every performance application that uses a standard four-link suspension design from the factory.

In the following years, the line of now well-known "chassis-specific" NHRA-legal driveshaft safety loops was introduced.  These loops were custom designed as the ‘Solution’ to the problem of universal driveshaft loops that are supposed to fit all vehicles but actually fit none.  Now in 2012, nearly 30 different vehicles are covered in this product line. 

In the year 2000, the owners of Metco Inc. chose to divest the motorsports division. In June of that year, Metco Motorsports Solutions became solely owned by Ron, son Aaron and wife Kathy Kincaid.  

With hard work and careful guidance from Ron, Kathy, and Aaron, the company continued to grow and expand the Metco Motorsports product line.  The company’s experience with Aaron’s Ford Lightning truck and supercharged Harley Davidson F150 led to the development of a comprehensive line of billet pulleys, idlers, and even complete supercharger drives for the blown factory Fords.  Metco Motorsports quickly became the premier supplier of blower and accessory drive systems for these applications. 

A recent company project, a Factory Five roadster powered by a modified  GT500 engine and a Viper-spec six speed, was a ground-breaking effort that has proven to be an effective way to showcase the company’s design and manufacturing capabilities.   

In 2007, the team of owners grew to include long-time friends Rick and Kristi Bejarano.  Rick and Kristi joined the team to help manage the companies ever-increasing workload, to develop new product ideas, and to expand the companies marketing efforts.  Rick and Kristi brought their enthusiasm for building and racing cars as well their marketing and IT experience from their years in the professional field.

In 2012, Ron Kincaid retired from the business.  He now has the time to pursue his own hobbies, which include a 1972 Buick GS Stage 1 and the frame-off restoration of a rare 1970 Oldsmobile 442 W-30.

Aaron, Rick, Kristi and Kathy work closely together to manage all aspects of the business.  The team is constantly working to develop new products, improve existing products, and further improve production efficiency.  With an established and skilled production staff, the CNC machines stay hot manufacturing original Metco products as well as a number of proprietary products for other retailers.  The Metco catalog includes hardcore racing parts for nearly every domestic performance vehicle, and new parts are being added to the catalog on a regular basis.  In 2012, nearly a dozen new products have been added to our catalog, with many more coming very soon.

From its modest beginnings almost 13 years ago in Ron’s home garage, Metco Motorsports Solutions, Inc. makes full use of its 6000+ square foot facility.   All product design and prototyping, production, assembly, packaging and shipping occurs at this building in Anderson, SC.  Metco Motorsports is fully equipped with a series of brand new, state-of-the-art Haas CNC lathes, mills and the necessary support equipment.  Metco Motorsports  is committed to providing products of unique design and function, and the focus remains on clever engineering, user-friendly installations, and world-class customer support.  



*Metco Motorsports Solutions Inc. 109 North Park Drive, Anderson, SC 29625 and Metco Inc. 303 Highway 29 North Bypass, Anderson SC 29621 are not affiliated in any manner. All references to Metco Inc. Highway 29 Bypass, Anderson, SC 29621 are for clarification purposes only. Metco Inc. is not an authorized representative or agent of Metco Motorsports Solutions Inc. and does not manufacture parts, components or assemblies for Metco Motorsports Solutions, Inc.




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